TS-21C05 Table-Top Single Induction Cooker

Function Smart design, table top Germany IGBT SIZE:394×289×56mm 2100W, whole heating area Square coil 20 Power Setting LED Screen Display Touch Control Digital Timer Safety Lock

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Household electrical appliance, we always bring u a happy cooking way. TS-21C05 table top single induction cooker, this is a smart cooker. it is our new design which using the knob for control the up and down power, timer, and temperature. The smart cooker use a whole area cooking zone, it is suitable for all kinds of cooking like hot pot, BBQ, fry, steam, u can image all way of cooking , and just enjoy. It is come with a frying pan , which make of aluminum alloy . we design the inner programs our-self. Induction cooker has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, safety, no open fire, fixs to the health of chefs, it can shorter the heating time and fast cooking. Electromagnetic cookers are suitable for all kinds of kitchens too such as homes, hot pot shops, hotels and shopping malls, as well as non-fuel supply or restrictions on the use of fuel prohibited open fire occasions. Smart cooker will make u enjoy your kitchen and make more healthy food for your family, we create a way for healthy food, we embrace your health. we can accept OEM , ODM orders, we have over 15 years of experience on it, we are professional manufacturer of induction and ceramic cooker.
Size 394×289×56mm
Power 2100W
Weight 3.2 kg
Dim. (H/W/D) 394×289×56mm
Installation (H/W/D) Table-top
Housing white
Article-No. TS-21C05
1. POWERFUL & EASY TO CONTROL - Powered by 2100W, induction cooktop heats up food faster than conventional cooking ranges. The front key allows changing the power and timer easily and safely. The stylish electric burner equipped with different power levels from 200W to 2100W. Adjustable timer for setting desired timer from 1 min increment to 240 minute. Preheating before use will be faster. 2. MULTIPURPOSE, heats efficiently to cook a variety of foods such as warm sauces, scrambled eggs, grilled cheese, soup, pasta, vegetables and so much more. Also you can use it as extra burner to keep food warm. 3. Easy cleaning, With stainless steel body and crystal lite glass surface, the induction electric burner can withstand frequent use. Simply wipe with a clean cloth when cool. Cooking zones: This cooktop comes with 1 cooking zones. Design trim: This cooktop has a stylish trim which will look brilliant in any kitchen. Basic cook: Simple operation and stress-free cooking. Entry level appliances that offer brand quality at a great price.

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