TS-70C01 Four Burner Induction Cooker

Function Chinese kanger glass / Schott glass Germany IGBT Total power 7000W. 9 Power Setting LED Screen Display Touch Control Digital Timer Safety Lock

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This smart stove, the TS-70C01 double induction cooker, is one. The temperature, timer, and electricity are all controlled in touch mode. The top-tier type of glass is Schott, and we created the internal code ourselves. The benefits of an induction cooker include energy savings, environmental protection, safety, no exposed flames, improvements to chef health, quicker heating times, and quick cooking. All types of kitchens, including those in homes, hot pot establishments, hotels, and shopping centers, as well as situations where there is no fuel source or a restriction on the use of fuel for open fires, can benefit from using electromagnetic cookers.
Size 590*520mm
Power 7000 W (230 V ~) / Plate 2000 W +1500W / Plate 2000 W+1500W
Weight 10.75 kg
Dim. (H/W/D) 590 x 520x 80 MM
Installation (H/W/D) 555 x 485MM
Housing Black
Article-No. TS-70C01
Induction cooktop: Induction cooktop icon The latest trend in the kitchen is to cook on an induction hob. Induction cooktops generate the heat directly in the base of your cookware heating only your food, not the cooktops surface. The result is more energy efficient, cleaner and safer cooking! Induction cooktops respond a lot quicker than traditional gas or ceramic cooktops. They are also extremely easy to control. The ability to precisely control the power makes induction perfect for all types of cooking. Cooking zones: This cooktop comes with 4 cooking zones. Design trim: This cooktop has a stylish trim which will look brilliant in any kitchen. Mono touch Slider: With the Mono touch Slider you can control all cooking zones comes with one control. One light touch is all it takes, whether your hands are too hot, too cold or caked with ingredients, this sophisticated pressure technology never fails to deliver. Basic cook: Simple operation and stress-free cooking. Entry level appliances that offer brand quality at a great price.

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