Introducing the STELLA TS-678 Commercial Induction Hob - Featuring Adjustable Power and Ceramic Glass

2023-03-11 02:02:19 By : Ms. Maggie Zhang
Introducing the STELLA TS-678 <a href='/commercial-induction-hob/'>Commercial Induction Hob</a> - Featuring Adjustable Power and Ceramic Glass

Stella Induction: The Efficient and Sustainable Option for Your Kitchen

As the world shifts towards sustainability, it is only fitting to make significant changes in our everyday choices, including the food industry. With the advancement of technology, the emergence of eco-friendly products has become the norm.

One of the most significant innovations in the industry is the Stella Induction. This type of cooking equipment is slowly replacing traditional gas-stove burners in commercial kitchens worldwide.

Stella Products TS-678 Commercial Induction is one of the flagship models embraced by many chefs worldwide. It packs equal amounts of power, versatility, and energy efficiency.

This commercial grade hob is designed with adjustable power ranging from 320W-2200W, making it suitable for any cooking task, from low heat simmering to high-heat searing. Furthermore, it performs faster than traditional gas burners, making work more efficient.

Moreover, this induction hob's voltage rate is designed to match most electric appliances' compatibility, making it possible for everyone to use. It operates at 220V~50HZ voltage and measures 316 x 316 x 75 mm, making it suitable to occupy minimal space in the kitchen.

The ceramic glass feature on the hob not only enhances its aesthetic value but also makes it scratch-resistant, increasing its durability. The separate control box feature ensures users have better control, making it easy to use for staff with varying levels of familiarity with cooking equipment.

Stella Products Induction TS-3501 is another commercial-grade induction cooktop known for its durability, reliability, and high performance. Its features include adjustable power ranging from 2KW-10KW, measurement of 450 x 640 x 160 mm, ceramic glass surface, and a stainless steel structure.

Generally, Stella Induction provides a safe, sustainable, and eco-friendly cooking option. Unlike traditional gas burners, Stella Induction's precision makes it possible to cook without generating excess heat, ultimately reducing electricity bills and carbon footprints.

Introducing the STELLA TS-678 Commercial Induction Hob - Featuring Adjustable Power and Ceramic Glass

Better yet, Stella Induction hobs only heat the requisite part of the cookware, eliminating energy wastage, making them safer to use whilst reducing the amount of heat produced in commercial kitchens.

Additionally, Stella Induction hobs lack an open flame, making them easy to clean, safer and hygienic thus reducing the chances of accidental fires.

In conclusion, Stella Induction cooktops are the way to go for chefs who prioritize quality, efficiency, and sustainability. Not only does it deliver high performance, but it's also eco-friendly, safe, and has a low maintenance cost compared to traditional gas burners.

So why not make the switch today, and join the numerous chefs worldwide benefitting from the efficiency and effectiveness of Stella Induction Cooktops? Make the kitchen a safe, sustainable, and eco-friendly space.